Monday, May 1, 2006

So Much to Say, So Much to Say.....

(Dave Matthews Band in the background)

Well... Day one of full-time Mommy week in progress. My wonderful provider has a week of vacation... and I am on duty. I have plans.... and I am not above using bribes to make this week go smoothly!

This weekend was nice..... Saturday was a full day of work but was kicked off by a breakfast meeting with Lolly and Colleen! How nice was that! Really gave me some get up to put in my get up and go... if you know what I mean.

And.... my little brother popped up from out of state to take his big sis out for a drink ( or three... or more...) My brother... my baby brother... is 21!! It was a little surreal, but great! The cowboy got some good time in with his Uncle Keddin', too. He was a very happy boy.

Sunday was a day of recovery for me.... late night + alcohol = hangover. I was good though.... I dyed a ton of yarn to be shipped tomorrow. Whew!!!!!

Tonight.... the Sucky Knitters meet @ Borders in Columbia...7pm!

Sheep and wool this weekend... counting the days......