Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sheep and Wool

I am so damn excited for sheep and wool.... as soon as the buds are on the trees and my allergies kick into high gear... I start thinking about SHEEP AND WOOL! Let me break the festival down for you all:
  • Free admission and parking ( no pets)
  • Tons and tons of livestock..... sheep, alpacas, some bunnies????? Maybe I was dreaming about that.
  • More wool and fiber than you can ever imagine.... barns and exhibition halls full of fiber and fiber related tools.... ahhhh......spindles, wheels, cards, roving, top, dyes....(eyes glaze over and drool drips from mouth....)
  • Craftsmen. Artisans...I bought D a handcrafted leather belt from Lanny Tewell... he makes pretty purses too.....
  • KETTLE CORN. yup.... that would be the cowboy's lunch/dinner when we go. He does not object.
  • Sheep dog competitions.... we will be reliving highlights from "the pig movie"
  • Sheep to shawl competition..... they sheer, clean, card, spin fiber and weave it into a shawl in 4 hours!!
Now there is the new addition.....

Come and party 'til the sheep come home!
Email me if you want to meet up! I would love to get a chance to meet you all!

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