Sunday, March 19, 2006

And Now for Something Completely Different.....

My handspinning class was today. I LOVED every minute of it and the time flew by soooo fast! My yarn isn't a lot to look at... but it is YARN! I am so amazed that I learned the beginnings of making yarn. I can make yarn.... OMG! I am hooked!
I carded fiber (and even liked it!) I saw limitless possibilities for color.... I am such a fiber Junkie!

Maybe I will create a ring called the FIBER JUNKIES? ummmm...I digress.

So... when we started the class... the instructor Jane Hyland (who is a great instructor at Cloverhill Yarn Shop... if you can... take a class with her!) asked us to introduce ourselves, our fiber history... etc.
I went last and said" Hi. My name is Erin. I am a fiber-holic."
Without missing a beat, the other five members of the class and Jane said "hi Erin!"
I so knew I was in the right place. The most awesome thing was.... everyone in the class had this intense desire to learn more about fiber and the craft of spinning. I had such a great time... and I am so hooked. Did I mention I have an obsessive personality?

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