Sunday, March 26, 2006

When Mama is not Hocking Her Wares, She is.....

I know that most of my posts lately have revolved around the C*EYE*BER FIBERS... so tonight I thought I would post about my recent non-yarn dyeing activities.

My Jaywalkers are coming along quite nicely. I have turned the heel on sock 2 and the girls are looking mighty fine! Gotta love a Jaywalker! (well... with a subbed short-row heel).

My SP7 sent me a VEDDY NICE package. I got a new knitting mag... some cute magnets and buttons... a skein of OPAL dreamcatcher and some ARTYARNS merino... My god do I love the ARTYARNS! It is so damn soft! Thanks SP7... whoever you are! I also got my first INTERWEAVE from her gift subscription. Made me VEDDY HAPPY!
Oh...there was A TON of chocolate in the package... do you see that it is missing? I actually had it for dinner one night... and fought the cowboy for it! He is a big fan of chocolate (that's my boy!)
I am thinking of what to do with the artyarns... I am taking suggestions. Email me to put your 2 cents in.
I am spinning the top that I dyed... Keohinani, I am a park and stop handspinner , too. I love the spinning and the top really is amazing. I am hooked! I am counting the days until
(BTW... that would be 41 days!)
oh... and if you were interested... I still have skiens of scoutemms, and supergirl up for grabs!

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